Make the Most of Family Time This Easter and Let Dressed for Sale Take Care of Your Home Improvements

15 Apr Make the Most of Family Time This Easter and Let Dressed for Sale Take Care of Your Home Improvements

Selling your home is never easy. And with all of the extra work piled on top of your regular day-to-day life, your time with family can suffer. You may be looking at the coming Easter weekend not as a break from work but as an opportunity to finally begin preparing your house for sale. There’s painting to do, furniture to buy, that leak to repair, and on, and on.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can have your Easter break with family and get started on a beautifully dressed home too.

Dressed For Sale can take care of your home maintenance, let our stylists and trade workers handle the hard work while you spend time with your family (and eat plenty of chocolate!) Plus, who wants to stay inside the house all weekend as winter approaches?

Do You Need to Dress Your House?

Styling your home for sale is a no brainer once you learn about the benefits, or experience them first hand like we did.

It’s tough for homeowners to look at their homes objectively. After all, a house is more than a commodity to you, it’s the space you’ve shared with your family for many years, where your memories are collected. A property stylist will enhance your space by finding the opportunities for improvement.

Not only will you save time selling your house, you’ll make back what you spend on home styling and more thanks to the higher offers you’ll receive. It’s an investment in the sale of your house and it’s peace of mind during the selling process.

Think of Dressed For Sale like the shows ‘Backyard Blitz’ or ‘Renovations Australia’. That type of home transformation and speedy sale could be a reality for you.

Benefits of styling your home for sale

  • Sell your home faster
  • Sell your home for more money
  • Look better than all other listings
  • Create a bidding war for your home
  • Enjoy peace of mind during the hectic selling process


Your One Stop Solution for Home Improvements

Dressed for Sale styles your home with hire furniture so that the photos you list online appeal to a broader range of buyers, creating more lucrative financial opportunities, more interest, and a faster sale.

And now that we’ve been acquired by Johns Lyng Group, a nationally listed company, we are combining home maintenance with trade services to create the optimal home styling package for Adelaide and Melbourne. Dressed for Sale is your one stop solution for styling and trades, whether that be painting, electrical, flooring, styling, furniture, or gardening.

And our access to JLG’s 5000 trade workers nationwide means staging a house has never been easier. Need a new bathroom? No problem? New kitchen? No problem. Our complete home styling service means we’re the only home stylist you’ll ever need. And because all of the work is under our own company, we get the work done faster than anyone else.

Want to learn more about our property styling process?

Home Maintenance Opportunity

Dressed for Sale will help you prepare your house for sale so you don’t have to. We can also create your dream home after you’ve made a sale.

So take time to spend with your family this Easter and leave the home improvements to us. Book a free consultation today! We will come to you, assess your property and provide our recommendations on how to best showcase it for sale. We will then put together a comprehensive quote that outlines all the hire items and recommended trade work.

Contact us today by email or phone at either of our Melbourne or Adelaide locations.