The Apartment Store Australia

Apartment Store Australia

13 Dec The Apartment Store Australia

Your home should be a sanctuary, a beautiful space that welcomes you back after a long day at work. That being said, we know exactly how hard it is for a busy person to redesign and restyle their home’s interior.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce The Apartment Store Australia, our brand new online shopping experience for your home.

It’s a new era of shopping for your home, where you can look around our professionally styled apartments and select to buy individual items, the whole room, or the entire apartment.

“Apartment Stores are actual apartments so it’s exactly how a home is going to look. It’s about creating such a beautiful environment where everything’s for sale”, says managing director, Tiffany Murray. “It’s styled with everything you need, really, it’s almost turn-key. Not only is it furniture, but soft furnishings, art, throws, and cushions.”

For busy people, shopping around for individual pieces that work together, and looking for the best possible prices, can become so time-consuming that it never ends up happening. The Apartment Store takes the effort and guesswork out of timeless styling, and incredible interiors.

“You might be reading the Saturday paper in bed, and think ‘gosh, I’d love new bedding’, and then all of a sudden you’ve got a whole new bedroom that you can buy without having to do all the leg-work”, says Tiffany. “The other thing, of course, is that the Apartment Store delivers directly to you. One click. Next thing you know, you’re unpacking those gorgeous boxes and putting it all in your home!”

“The point of The Apartment Store is to be able to buy either one thing, or the whole apartment, to make your life easy”, says Tiffany.

The Apartments are incredible to look at, but they’ve been designed with a timeless versatility, that looks perfectly at home in any space.

“I had the amazing opportunity of bringing together a whole range of furniture, that works beautifully together, because everything’s simple, everything’s timeless, everything’s got a really nice quality. It all works beautifully in this space, but it can work in any space”, says interior stylist, Alex Brown.

From Australia’s largest property styling company, you can expect experience, knowledge, and an incredibly tasteful approach. Dressed for Sale has styled over 3000 homes, helping their clients to sell them for a far higher price. Now, they’re collaborating with the same passionate stylists, to bring together these gorgeously curated spaces within The Apartment Store, that you can buy for yourself with the click of a button.

“Everything works beautifully together, but at the same time there are some unique elements to the pieces, which will inject some interest into your space”, says Alex. “We’re very much interested in contemporary furniture, but contemporary furniture that brings in a lot of craftsmanship. So, really beautiful, high-quality fabrics in all of the linens we’re providing in the Apartment store, 100% cotton, hotel quality making for a very, very comfortable sleep.”

“We’ve worked with amazing suppliers that we can vouch for, we’ve used them for four or five years, their products stand the test of time, they’re durable. Our gift to you, is passing on the prices we get”, says Tiffany.

“The Apartment Store by Dressed For Sale is now open. We’re so excited, and we’d love to invite you to come in, enjoy your shopping experience, and more importantly, get it in your home really quickly.”

To take a look around our brand new, gorgeously styled Apartment Store, and make yourself at home, click here.